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Adoption/Waitlist Application


Email Address*

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Full address, including apt #, city, province/state & P/C/Zip code*


What type of home can you provide?*

Number of adults (18+) in your household?*

Are there children in the home? *

Do you have other pets?*

Does anyone in the household have allergies?*

Do you have any experience with cats in general or with Sphynx cats?*

Have you researched the Breed? *

Why are you interested in adopting a Sphynx?*

How many hours are you generally away from home for work or other commitments? *

Are your windows and doors screened?*

Do have preference for gender, color, eye color?*

Will you be getting pet insurance?*

Are you willing to stay in touch re the health and well-being of your Sphynx? *

Click this text to start editing. Use this space to tell your users why they should contact you and what they should expect to get from you in return - this is a good place to set expectations about response times and how they'll be contacted.

Double click the form on the left to edit it. Include the fields you'll need to close your new leads. When your users submit the form, you'll be emailed the information they enter.

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