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So you have a Sphynx! Now what? Here is a little information about taking care of your new Sphynx kitten or cat. Routine care is required such as bathing, claw clipping and ear cleaning.   

BATHING:​ Since the Sphynx has very little hair to absorb body oils, they have to be bathed more often than “hair” cats. I recommend once per month, too frequently can cause excess oil or skin irritation. When bathing a Sphynx you can use mild baby shampoo or gentle pet shampoo. I use Whisker City pink moisturizing shampoo from Petsmart or SPA Pure Lavish Pet Shampoo. If your Sphynx gets dirty between baths they can be wiped down with a mild allergen free baby wipe or pet wipe. Although Sphynx have very little hair, they still do their own self­​ grooming.

EARS:​ Sphynx ears need to be cleaned weekly using a pet ear cleaner made for cats, that will dissolve dirt and waxy build​ up. You can wipe out the ears with a baby washcloth, wipe, or use a q-tip after demonstration by your vet.

EYES:​ Sphynx lack eyelashes, which can result in dirt in the corners of their eyes. Use a clean soft baby washcloth with warm water and gently wipe the cat’s eyes and face.  

CLAWS:​ ​Claws need to be kept clipped and clean. All cats like to scratch; if you are concerned about damage to furniture, there is a product called Soft Claws available at Petsmart. They slide over the tips of the nail without hurting the kitten or cat. De­clawing is not humane because it actually removes the knuckle of the paw; it can cause serious complications and impair the well ­being of the cat.

FEEDING: Sphynx have a higher metabolism because of their need to keep warm, so they eat more than the average cat. Always feed a premium dry and wet cat food and keep fresh water available at all times. While there are very strong opinions out there on feeding and nutrition, our staple is Royal Canin dry and wet with some variation, such as Weruva, BFF, Tiki Cat and others.  We supplement with some raw, mostly freeze-dried, Stella and Chewy's and Primal.  Please do research on​ raw feeding as it is not for beginners.  Kittens start on Royal Canin Mother and Babycat and it is recommended they stay on Royal Canin Kitten for up to a year.  My motto is, If they do well on it, don't change it.  If you feel strongly about another product, it must be mixed in gradually to avoid stomach upset.  When introducing any new food to your kitten, offer it in small amounts and monitor reactions,  Sphynx tummies can be sensitive.  Our cats also receive nutritional supplements on occasion, such as  Head to Tail Immune Support treats and Nutri Thrive, a US product.     

OTHER INFO:​ While all cats live longer healthier lives indoors, Sphynx are strictly an indoor cat.  Some of my owners harness train their kitties for outdoor activities but it is very important to limit any sun exposure, as their skin can burn.  If you allow your cat in the yard, patio or balcony, they must be supervised at all times.  Don't underestimate their ability to jump onto a railing or follow their nose somewhere and be out of sight quickly.  Although microchipped, if your pet becomes lost, the results can be disastrous, especially in winter.  Sphynx will not survive the elements long and can be victims of predation or theft.  Sphynx can get cold, even in the home, so I run heating pads on low 24/7 for the cats to enjoy sleeping on. Don’t be surprised if your Sphynx wants to sleep with you under the covers to stay warm! Great for a cool night as they are like heating pads themselves! Some Sphynx parents like to put sweaters and other clothing on their cats. I don’t tend to do this but it’s up to and your cat if they will accept it. Contrary to some info out there, Sphynx are not hypoallergenic, however, those with allergies may do better with a Sphynx than a “hair” cat.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Sphynx cat or kitten! They are unique one­​ of­​ a kind strange and beautiful companions. Once you have one you will want more! This is called Sphynx addiction! As a result of your purchase from Sphynxcraft Cats, you will be able to access Breeder support for life. I will always remain concerned about the cats we place and endeavour to accept only the best homes possible. We are an HCM scanning cattery and seek to provide new Sphynx owners with the best quality happy healthy Sphynx cats. Please research the breed on​ line for further information to decide whether this cat is for you!. These are exotic and special cats and are especially suitable for special people!

SPHYNXCRAFT CATS​ … Our Cats will put a spell on you!

Valerie Jardine, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. cell: 604​ 302​ 9921 or home: 604​ 859​ 4391. Please leave a message! or contact us via  

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